Your teen’s extracurricular ACHIEVEMENTS, not activities are the single biggest asset for college admission

Make Your Teen


Virtual Bootcamp  – For  Middle & High School Parents

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When you apply The “WOW FACTOR” in your college planning process you will pave the way to make your teen:


Even if they are not:

– A top student,

– A recruited athlete

– A talented artist

Even if they have:

– Learning Differences


Enhance your teen’s personal growth, confidence, skills and motivation through strategic use of extracurricular activities.

Avoid the stress, frustration and confusion of the college admission process by getting an early start on college planning!

You will Discover:

  • How admission officers make decisions

  • Which factors impact admission decisions

  • How to navigate curriculum choices

  • How your teen’s extracurriculars influence admission

  • How to show: Passion, Talent, Initiative and Impact

  • How to create a compelling story for admission

  • How to overcome weaknesses and highlight strengths

  • How parents can help teens standout 


Virtual Bootcamp Agenda

  • Devise a strategic roadmap

  • How to motivate your teen

  • Identify/create a passion, vision, and goals

  • Think like an admissions officer

  • Use summers strategically

  • Build a high impact project

  • Understand the value of competitions

  • Design the academic plan: classes & testing

  • The role of research, internships, jobs

  • Craft a college resume

  • Get SUPERSTAR recommendations

  • Create a timeline for success.


You’re frustrated because your teen is disorganized or unmotivated

You’re worried about your teen getting into a good college

You have been through the process with an older child

You’re worried about your teen getting through the process and meeting all the deadlines

You’re concerned your teen has no idea what he/she wants to study

Your teen knows exactly he/she wants to study or do with their education

You didn’t go to college in the US and don’t understand the process

You need a confidence boost to set everything up in the right way

You don’t know where to start or what to do


    • Reduces stress about college admission

    • Provides proof of initiative and ambition

    • Your teen will be engaged in a meaningful activity

    • Your teen will develop time management skills

    • Starting early allows for mid-course adjustments

    • Parents have greater peace of mind

    • Increase chance of admission to dream college

    • Your teen will develop interests and expertise

    • Your teen will gain skills, confidence and motivation

    • Your teen will be known as a leader

    • Gain an edge over the competition

    In this course you will learn how to create a detailed, written strategic plan for college admission for your Teen.

    Kids Talk About Their Projects

    Parent Testimonials

    Virtual Bootcamp =  $4,200


    Superstar Resume Guide

    Supports the Common App Activities list.
    Gives teachers and counselors a resource for their letters of recommendation.
    Shows how interests & passions align with activities.
    Is a requirement for many scholarships, internships, and employment opportunities.


    Superstar Letter Templates

    Ask for Superstar recommendations
    Thank recommenders
    Request research position
    Request internship.


    Superstar Project Template

    Identify a purpose
    Manage a committee
    Ask for donations
    Organize an event/project
    Write a press release
    Conduct final evaluation.


    Virtual Bootcamp + Bonuses = $4,200

    TOTAL OFFER = $197

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    Barb Leventhal

    America’s Extracurricular Guru

    Barbara Leventhal brings more than 30 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and college counselor. “All parents take great pride in the special qualities of their children. My role is to define those qualities and channel them in unique ways that tell a compelling story for college admission.”

    As an educational consultant, reading specialist, teacher, administrator, parent, and grandparent, Barbara Leventhal knows what it’s like to experience the stress and frustration at every step in the education process. Her empathy for her students makes things easier for both them and their parents.


    Parents Talk About Barb

    I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in preparing Sammy for his Boston trip. He was really great…mature, confident, articulate and most importantly, happy. Your scheduling and directions were perfect. You made our days very smooth and easy. Sammy was very comfortable in Boston. Thank you again for all your hard work and all your time that you put into Sammy, it really showed.

    – Pam K.

    Mother of Sammy K./Saint Andrew’s School Class of 2013

    Thank you Barbara for working so diligently with our son. Whatever you recommend…you have our total support. You are so professional and we trust and appreciate all that you are doing to help Andres succeed.

    – Harvey & Ivonne D.

    Parents of Andres D., SRHS Class of 2014

    Barbara, I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the wonderful itinerary you created for us to set us up for the Boston area. The trip could not have been better. Robert and I had some great bonding time and both came away from the trip closer to each other and with a much better indication of what we are up against in the school choice process. I could not have done it without your help.

    – Barbara O.

    Mother of Robert O, BRHS Class of 2014

    We know we are not alone in how we feel about you. You are so very much more than a coach to your students and their families. Your support and genuine interest in our children’s success and well-being is both touching and invaluable.

    – Wayne and Lisa W.

    Parents of Mia W. (Class of 2013) and Ryan W. (Class of 2016), Saint Andrew’s School

    Barbara Leventhal has done a great job in helping our daughter, Jensen, navigate the college application and scholarship application process. We interviewed several companies that offer similar services. We chose EduConsulting because we felt that Jensen would get more personalized service. I am convinced that we made the right choice. Barbara has done an excellent job! She has turned a challenging process into a great experience. Jensen looks forward to her meetings with Barbara. She made a concerted effort to get to know Jensen before suggesting specific colleges. So far Jensen is four for four in acceptances! Barb has certainly exceeded our expectations!

    – Gregg S.

    Father of Jensen S., Westminster Academy School Class of 2014

    Thanks for all your help! Hiring Barbara Leventhal was truly the best decision we made in 2013.

    – Victoria R.

    Mother of Ryan R., Saint Andrew’s Class of 2014

    Although the focus of your work is to help Jonah maximize his potential as a college candidate, the by-product has been just as valuable. Jonah has become a leader who speaks with poise and conviction about his project, Dream Dorm Decorators in cooperation with Best Foot Forward. He developed committees, involved 60 kids and spoke in front of his whole school at assembly. I watched Jonah speak with passion to adults to solicit funds for the project. Jonah’s self-confidence and poise have grown along with the contributions that are coming in to support his project. Thank you for coaching Jonah to put his “best foot forward” in support of others. In doing so, you have made a lasting impact on Jonah.

    – Howard K.

    Father of Jonah K., Saint Andrew’s School Class of 2014

    Barbara Leventhal provided great insight and support to our daughter during the college application process. She read the personal statement essay that our daughter prepared and made suggestions on how to improve the focus by relating the impact of specific events rather than detailed description of the events themselves. By adjusting the focus of Zoe’s essay, it became more compelling because it was Zoe’s unique story. We were so pleased with the whole process that Barbara developed, especially when our daughter got acceptance letters and scholarship offers from her targeted universities.

    – Sheryl U.

    Mother of Zoe U., SRHS Class of 2013

    Invest in your child’s success.

    TOTAL OFFER = $197

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