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    • How admission officers make decisions
    • How to navigate curriculum choices to match extracurriculars
    • How your teen’s extracurriculars influence admission
    • How your teen can create and show Passion, Talent, Initiative
    • How your teen can create impact through extracurriculars
    • How to create your teen’s compelling story for admission
    • How to create your teen’s identity in one sentence
    • How to overcome your teen weaknesses
    • How to highlight ypur teen strengths
    • How to take advantage of summers
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I have enrolled my shy kid in a debate class that starts next week. Looking to sign up for Capitol debate summer program. Debate is something she’s always ran away from but with your coaching I was able to convince her that she needs to do it, so she’s willing to take the first step.

I told her about the national mythology exam and she is totally pumped up. We missed the dates for this year but she wants to do it next year. She is leaning towards the study of ancient civilizations. Her goal statement is: “I want to solve unsolved mysteries about ancient civilizations, discover how they were so advanced, and how we can apply that knowledge for betterment of society today.”

– Priya S.

Mother of Sanjana, 8th Grader.

We started with Barbara at the end of my twins sophomore year of high school, which seems early, but was really the best decision we could have made and the best money we ever spent. Starting early really gave Barbara the opportunity to not only build their resumes, but establish a relationship with the twins and really get to know them.

She pushed them when they needed pushing and was supportive and there for them, when things got really stressful. She always made herself available to me, and then no matter how small the question may have been. She helped them explore programs and colleges that were really good fits for them, and they might not have thought of otherwise.

She also really, really kept them on track throughout this whole process, and they were able to get their applications in both of them quite early. It was one less thing to worry about. Her guidance also led my daughter to get around $7500 in merit aid, and my son about 10,000, which certainly it goes well above covering her costs.

I can’t say enough amazing things about Barbara and how helpful she was for me and for them during this process.

– Fara K.

Mother of Rylee and Jack.

When my oldest son was a high school senior last year, we had just moved to Florida and he was matriculating in a new school due to our move from NYC.  I was having a panic attack. I knew nothing about the college process and the school college counselor we worked with up north was tied to the school we were leaving and could not continue to work with us . In my breathless terror, I described this situation to a friend of mine. She said to me, “Do you know Barbara?  You need Barbara – she will organize your son with his college applications and take the stress off of you”.  She gave me Barbara’s number and my hysteria calmed to a level that I was once again human.

Barbara began working with my oldest son over the summer before his senior year began.  By the time he had started school, his personal statement was written and he knew the schools that he would be applying to – both reaches and safety and where he would be applying early decision.  Barbara and my son worked tirelessly on the Common Application (“Common App”)  – which thrilled me – in fact, I never even saw what the Common App looked like.  When they researched schools, she helped him tailor the personal school essays to be specific to each school.  While the process was still stressful, Barbara’s organization and day to day time with my son made the process very tolerable and for a Type A mother – when someone else shoulders much of the burden – that is an A+ in my book.

And by the way, my son was accepted into his reach ED school choice.

I was very happy with Barbara; she is now working with my middle and youngest sons as they embark on their high school careers in preparation for college application time.

I unfailingly recommend Barbara.  She is the calm in the eye of the storm.


– Hillary B.

Mother of Sam L.

We know we are not alone in how we feel about you. You are so very much more than a coach to your students and their families. Your support and genuine interest in our children’s success and well-being is both touching and invaluable.”



Parents of Mia W. and Ryan W. / Saint Andrew’s School

The process of applying to college was scary, overwhelming and foreign to our family. Things have changed so much since we applied, so we were lost. Barbara took the panic and stress out of the entire process. I don’t think we could have done the ten applications, multiple essays, or managed the “new and improved” common app, without her expertise and belief in our daughter. The word grateful is not a strong enough word for how she has helped Sarah through this important and stressful time in her life.”



Mother of Sarah F. / Saint Andrew’s School